“Let’s set the fabric benchmark” is what we believe and stand for. For us it means not only a qualitative alternative, but also a fabric that is produced respecting all the resources involved in the process. We want to be a benchmark based on transparency.

AV Knitting is a new brand created to reach new horizons because each “creator” deserves the most adjusted fabric for their creations



Avelana is founded in Barcelos by Avelino Mano Gonçalves as a small family business.


Registered as a limited company “Avelana – Fábrica de Malhas, Lda”. The company specializes in the production of the widest range of knitwear for the production of fabrics.


After some changes, the company increases its dimension both in terms of production and physical expansion. That year, the company changed to its current name “Avelana – Fábrica de Malhas, SA”.


First international exhibition at one of the biggest textile and fashion industry fairs Première Vision in Paris.


Creation of the AV Knitting brand as well as an e-commerce platform to connect us with the whole world!

Our mission

We are constantly demanding more from ourselves, what can we improve and what can we implement to continue to raise the levels of our services. Attentive to the increasingly demanding market trends, we bet on new technology and innovation. Over the years the company has acquired more and more knowledge and skills, so a new step was necessary. AV Knitting believes that choosing the best quality knitwear and making an ethical decision is still possible even though we live in a fast consumer textile world.

We contribute to the #slowfashionrevolution through circularity and waste reduction habits. None of this would be possible without you, so AV Knitting wants to provide an experience for our creators through responsible services.

Our Values


We believe in honesty and professionalism and apply them in every action!


We believe that the future is today, so we are always looking for new creative opportunities.


We believe that the focus of our activity is to provide the best experience for our “creators”.


We believe that we can all be the person behind the change. Let’s make it together.


You can find the best quality knitwear at the best possible price!


We have some payment methods available, all of them 100% secure (Mbway, Credit/Debit Card and Paypal)


We are at your service, contact us and we will try to help you according to your needs.


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