Our path to a greener footprint!
The concern for the main environment it’s a social responsibility that extends to all the brand’s culture. We adopt practices such as the production of renewable energy, the use of non-toxic materials, and strict compliance with environmental regulations. This sustainable nature goes from our ideals to the knitwear we produce, which are thus affirmed as sustainable.

Sustainability is the core to our values, and as such it is also very important that we can offer a wide range of products that are in line with our vision. Therefore, you’ll find products with excellent quality, sustainable and environmentally friendly knitwear in the store. Our commitment focuses on more sustainable structures so we can guarantee a better future for the planet and for future generations.

Sustainability for us is...


540 solar panels installed plus Led light throughout the company.

+ Our


Partnership with textile defect detection company that helps decrease textile waste.

+ Our


Transparency and sustainability with our creators.

+ Certifications


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